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Personalized, evidence-informed, lifestyle medicine

A Natural Approach to Healing


Hi, I'm Dr. Alina

My wish is to help you improve your health and well being by learning about your body and how it works. I want to empower you not only with the medicine to transform your health on the short term, but also with the knowledge & the tools to make positive practical lifestyle changes that enhance your life in the long term.

My vision is to create a safe space where I will be your guide in your journey to optimal health. My intention is to meet you where you are at, and work with you to explore areas that may be blocking you from living the life you desire.

I offer clear pathways to optimize your health, creating programs to build strong foundational systems that are unique to your physiology and history.

As my patient, you receive personalized treatment plans, functional lab interpretation, acupuncture, individual nutrition, supplement, herbal & lifestyle recommendations. 

Small steps.

BIG changes.

I am so excited to be at your service!


I am the right ND for you if you are looking for...

Tropical Leaves

...personalized medicine delivered by a trustworthy doctor to  guide you achieve your health goals

Green Succulent Plant

...optimizing your health & improve your lifespan in a state of health and wellness


...a physician that makes evidence-informed, patient-centered clinical decisions.

Spring Buds

Looking to feel better? I would love to show you how naturopathic medicine can transform your life!

Let's partner today
to help you reach your unique wellness goals!

Schedule a free 15 min Discovery Consult to find out more about what we can accomplish together.

Misty Slopes

“If a tree has strong roots, not even the strongest hands can pluck it
from where it stands”

Matshona Dhliwayo

Where to find me

For booking a consultation please call the number below or visit the website

487 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2G2

Phone: 604-697-0397

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